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WARNING: Due to the Personalized Nature of the Postcard Cheatcode, ONLY 25 Spots Are Available

How to Take Advantage of Current Trends and the Massive "Postcard Sweet Spot" to Create Fast, HUGE Payday

(Even If You Have No Product and You're a Complete Marketing Noobie With Zero Tech Skills)

Here's What You're Getting in PostCard Cheatcode:
Business Coaching (without prohibitive coaching fees)
The price of one-on-one coaching would be prohibitive to most people that would benefit these strategies the most. The bootcamp format solves this problem.
Rapid Start - Just 3 Days
Postcard Cheatcode is NOT another course that takes weeks to navigate. It is an immersive, rapid start, rapid profit training curriculum designed to get you from zero to hero in 3 days.
No Guesswork. No Theory. Your "Do This, Do That" Roadmap
Who to sell to, what to sell them, what the postcard should say, how to mail the cheapest, how to get the best response and my proprietary methods that keep your costs as close to zero as possible.
Dedicated Implementation Sessions
This is an implementation-focused event so there will be plenty of time to actually DO much of the work, right then and there

Postcard Cheatcode's Singular Goal:
Get You To Profitibility FAST

Here's What You're Getting in PostCard Cheatcode:
BONUS #1: Direct mail/postcards newbie? No Problem!
Value: $1,179
The Ultimate "What's Working Right Now in 2024" Postcard Direct Response Training
The beauty of postcards is that they've worked incredibly well for decades. However, with the vast majority of companies and advertisers taking their entire advertising budget online, postcards and direct mail have less competition than ever and work better than ever at getting responses from highly targeted customers. 
BONUS #2: Not a "Tech Wiz?" No Problem!
Value: $979
Kiss complicated online ad platforms goodbye!
If you're tired of the ever-increasing complicated online ad platforms and endless, always changing rules. And don't even mention how strategies that worked just two weeks ago stopped working now. Even worse, you have to deal with shady competition, click bots and overzealous online ad compliance teams shutting you down for nothing. It can be an endless headache. You don't have to deal with any of that with postcards.
BONUS #3: Not a "Marketing Guru?" No Problem!
Value: $1,199
Never sold anything online? Perfect! Been selling online for years? Also perfect!
Postcards are the perfect all-around marketing tool for both the beginner and the pro. Why? Because 1) they work 2) they're easy and 3) it's crazy cheap to get started. The best part about it is that they work just as well if you don't have your own product and if you do. Either way, you can have an insanely profitable postcard campaign up in less time than it takes to put together an online ad funnel.
BONUS #4: No Team? No Problem!
Value: $1,269
The Ultimate Postcard and Direct Mail Outsourcing Handbook for Solopreneurs, Non-Techies, & First-Timers...
If you're like most people, being the "idea person" and the brains of the operation managing from the top is the FUN part, but the detailed stuff can be a brain drain. If you'd love to be able to just simply manage a proven system we're going to cover how to have someone else handle the details professionally.
BONUS #5: Small Budget to Start? No Problem!
Value: $1,499
"Every campaign pays for itself!" is my mantra
I don't throw money at advertising and cross my fingers. That's a dumb solution to a smart problem. I found a smart solution - I make every postcard campaign pay for itself. What this means is that each postcard campaign has all the costs "built in" to expected revenues from the start - so I'm never left with a bad surprise and I know in advance that each postcard campaign will be profitable.
BONUS #6: No Product to Sell? No Problem!
Value: $1,259
The most intelligent, yet most simple process for entering a market that exists, period.
As you know, selling products as an affiliate is a smart way to thrive in a market even when you don't have your own product. You'll learn my proprietary process for utilizing affiliate marketing via postcards that results in cheaper conversions than online marketing in a whole new way to not only thrive, but effectively dominate entire markets.
BONUS #7: Ultimate Paint-By-The-Numbers Strategy
Value: $2,289
"Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated..."
The vast majority of people that fail due so because of over-complicated processes they've been told is the "right way." That's wrong. At Traffic Badassery, we pioneer simple-yet-deadly-effective solutions that work in every niche market, every time.
BONUS #8: Robert's Private Vault
Value: $12,000
Robert's ENTIRE personal postcard promotional playbook that he uses for all of his own campaigns
REVEALED for the FIRST-TIME EVER: The Secret Internal Playbook We Use to Create & Deploy HOME RUN POSTCARD CAMPAIGNS over and over again, step-by-step...
BONUS #9: Robert's Fast Action Super Bonus
Value: $10,000
Robert's "Postcard Business, One Person Badassery Screw-It-Let's-Do-It"
If you're a one-person team, you're going to love this...

How to run agency-level postcard campaigns even if you're a one-person team on a budget (and take advantage of all the agency perks that go along with it)
  • Get-It-Done Calendar: Exactly what to prioritize and when so you know exactly how to plan and execute a postcard campaign flawlessly each time
  • Essential Tools: The good news is that you don't need many. The even better news is that the ones I'm going to tell you about make the process 100 times faster and easier
  • "Will it work?": The question every advertiser asks when considering a new campaign. This is how to get an actual answer so you never waste time, money, or effort.
  • One-(Wo)Man-Band Sustainability: How to direct your focus on the things that matter (profitable ROI) and maintain that focus


My team and I have worked relentlessly to create, develop, and perfect the Postcard Cheatcode model so that it works flawlessly in every market.

And when I revealed this to a select few Traffic Badassery members recently, they went crazy over the process and wanted to learn the complete model from start to finish.

However, this cannot be taught in a one-off course. To full unlock the power, there must be a one-to-one hands-on element in teaching. But the price of one-on-one coaching would be prohibitive to most people that would benefit from this set of strategies the most.

So the Postcard Cheatcode Blueprint was born!
  • A Rapid Start Postcard Profit Curriculum designed to get you from Zero to Hero in Three Days.
  • ​Craft your entire Postcard campaign for maximum profitability (even if you don't have a product to sell!) and even show you how to scale beyond and show you the simplest methods to create, run, and track it so you always stay profitable (even by yourself!)
  • ​Intimate special opportunity with limited remaining spots available...
  • Unparalleled, white glove concierge support
  • ​What better way to spend the next 3 Days than to learn how to create and deploy insanely profitable Postcard Cheatcode campaigns that can lead to 5 figure months at breakneck speeds?
PLUS Over $31,600 in Bonuses!
  • ​Bonus #1: Direct mail/postcards newbie? No Problem! Value: $1,179
  • ​Bonus #2: Not a "Tech Wiz?" No Problem! Value: $979
  • ​Bonus #3: Not a "Marketing Guru?" No Problem! Value: $1,199
  • ​Bonus #4: No Team? No Problem! Value: $1,269
  • Bonus #5: Small Budget to Start? No Problem! Value: $1,499
  • ​​Bonus #6: No Product to Sell? No Problem! Value: $1,259
  • ​​Bonus #7: Ultimate Paint-By-The-Numbers Strategy Value: $2,289
  • ​​Bonus #8: Robert's Private Vault Value: $12,000
  • ​​Bonus #9: Robert's Fast Action Super Bonus Value: $10,000
PLUS TWO Fast Action Super Bonuses: Robert's "How to Get Businesses to Pay You Thousands to Put Together Simple Postcard Campaigns” and "B2B Postcard Secrets For MASSIVE PAYDAYS"
A $16,000 Value for FREE

WARNING: Due to the Personalized Nature of the Postcard Cheatcode, ONLY 25 Spots Are Available

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